Oral presentation instructions

  • All the oral presentations should be in English.
  • Each talk is 20 minutes long. We recommend dedicating 15 minutes to the presentation and 3 minutes to open discussion (questions and answers).

The following points should be taken into consideration when preparing your oral presentation:
*Ensure that you are available at least 30 minutes before the session starts on the day of the conference.
*The equipment available will be PC (inside windows) and Data Projector.
*The recommended software to be used is “PowerPoint” or “Acrobat Reader” (pdf).

Flash oral  presentation instructions

  • Each presenter will have maximum 3 minutes to share the highlights of their abstract. The session chairs will keep time and ensure all presenters respect speaking time limits strictly.
  • Once all presentations are concluded, presenters will break out into their respective posters for a poster session. The audience will have a chance to visit the posters and talk to the individual presenters.

Poster presentation instructions

  • All posters should be written and presented in English, the official language of the event.
  • Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for authors to display the results and conclusions of their papers.
  • Your poster will be exhibited during the conference. Authors are expected to be at their poster during the session.
  • Posters will be listed by session in the Conference Programmee, and the book of Abstracts.
  • Posters should be printed and brought by each author to the conference.
  • The poster can be up to 120 cm high x 90 cm wide.
  • We will provide materials for attaching posters. However you can bring your own if you prefer.
  • Your poster should be readable from a distance of 2 meters.

For Virtual Participants: Not attending Authors

  • Send your e-poster in PDF format no larger than 5 MB to be published in the virtual section of the electronic edition of the conference.
  • There will be no virtual (any kind of audio / video) presentations for virtual participants during the conference days.
  • Submit your abstract to be published in the e-abstract book.